How To Accept People for Who They Are

Hey guys so this week I have an amazing guest blogger post from the amazing Ray from BlkGirlDaily. She's become such a great friend of mine so I thought I'd have her write something for my blog and it's a AMAZING read so check out this week's post. Be sure to comment ❤️ and head over to her blog and subscribe she's super informative!

Life is what you make it

What is success? What are you working towards by the time you hit 40? What's your credit score? Where yo do see yourself in 3 years? Are you single? If so why? Are you married or in a relationship? Are you HAPPY in that marriage/relationship? What are you afraid of? Do you struggle with depression … Continue reading Life is what you make it

I got some exciting news!

Well, I am back, So the past two weeks have been SUPER CRAZY for me. My car went down because it needed a tune-up got that fixed and POW a guy hit me because he wasn’t paying attention. When I tell you guys, I was PISSED I couldn’t even talk to the man because I … Continue reading I got some exciting news!