Whelp guess who is back and ready to kick blogging in the ass!!!! Well as you’ve noticed I have been gone for a couple weeks and these is plenty of reasons why. For starts let’s start with the good shit. I start a new job on November 12th!!!!!!!!!! When I tell you it has been [...]


A letter to the 21-year-old me…

So this week I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can actually come up with some good advice to this girl right here....(don't ya'll judge me I was 21 lol) I also want to challenge you all to write a letter to you at 21 and give yourself one piece of advice in [...]


Hey guys, So I decided to talk about this because a lot of women aren't aware of what it is and also some don't even know they have it. Also because I recently went to the doctor   *this is a lengthy blog post* Now I have had my period since I was 14 years old [...]



Hey guys sorry for the late post it has been a BUSY week transferring everything from my previous hosting service to my new one. It is official this is the launch of !!! * crowd going apeshit* lol I have been listening to that album since it came out sorry. So I have a [...]