Sis, Are you liberated?

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about sexual freedom. This is a 3 post series about sexual freedom in women. Today I am talking about your "first" from the first time you had sex to the first time you had a real orgasm whether it was from a partner or yourself. I … Continue reading Sis, Are you liberated?

New Century, Who Dis?

Happy New Year!!!! It's a new year and a new century I am extremely excited about 2020 I have so much I plan on doing and completing this year. Let's start off by saying that priority 1 is revamping this lil ol thing I call Dash of Melanin. My goal was to have it done … Continue reading New Century, Who Dis?

How To Accept People for Who They Are

Hey guys so this week I have an amazing guest blogger post from the amazing Ray from BlkGirlDaily. She's become such a great friend of mine so I thought I'd have her write something for my blog and it's a AMAZING read so check out this week's post. Be sure to comment ❤️ and head over to her blog and subscribe she's super informative!