Sis, Are you liberated?

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about sexual freedom. This is a 3 post series about sexual freedom in women. Today I am talking about your “first” from the first time you had sex to the first time you had a real orgasm whether it was from a partner or yourself.

I did a survey on Instagram asking a few of my followers to participate in this survey below will be their answers, I choose to leave all of the women anonymous because this private information that they decided to provide me.

When did you lose your virginity and did you regret losing it when you did?

I was almost 17 and yes cause I thought I would wait until I was married.

19 years old. Yes, I did regret it. From a Christian standpoint it would have been better to wait. And it opened up like a Pandora’s box of desire in me that I didn’t understand or new how to control.

I lost my virginity when I was 17, didn’t regret losing it.
I lost it (dropped that bitch) at 13 and hell yea I regret it.
17 and no
I lost it at 16. I didn’t have any regrets at the time.
24 and yes, it was not consensual (I’m so sorry about this)
I lost it at 19, yes
I was 17 and did not regret it.
I was 19 and I don’t because I’m married to him now lol
17 (age) & yes.
I was 15 and at the time I felt shame due to growing up super religious.
When you lost your virginity was it a bad experience or a good experience? Would you mind going into detail of the feel you felt when you lost it, if you remember?
I’ll never forget the day, I was in 11th grade and it was almost the end of the year it was a week before my 17th birthday. The guy I was dating at the time did not believe I was a virgin so let’s just say I never spoke to him again after that. I waited a whole mother year before I had sex again that shit traumatized me.
Horrible! The blood and pain. It was not pleasant at all and it was not the guy. He was gentle my body just didn’t enjoy it.
It was great. Already prepared for the moment, it is a once in a lifetime feel which I’m glad it happened then.
The sex wasn’t good. I didn’t know what I was doing and neither did he. It wasn’t comfortable either. It was in the back of a truck.
I don’t remember it being pleasurable but it didn’t hurt either.
It wasn’t the most romantic experience ever. I lost it in the back of his car. I skipped track practice that day. I remember the feeling still. It was weird. It hurt but felt good at the same time. I did feel a little guilty afterwards.
It was not that great but I got flowers and ice cream after.
It was not a bad experience per say, I was not ready and thought i was and the person wasn’t the greatest human.
Honestly, it was not good or bad. It was something to remember but not in the best way, for him at least. I was at my boyfriends cousins house and I remember watching Spongebob while it was happening. I mean once I got past the pain, I was like this is it? Spongebob was good though, lol.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect. It was a pretty good experience. I didn’t feel any different afterwards.
It was a decent experience. Mentally it felt like a lot but I was with someone I was in a relationship with and had been since i was 15.
It was a good and funny experience. I’m 25 and the person I lost it to, we still speak and laugh about it. I felt shocked. I’m considered smart but when my hymen broke, I bleed, and when I saw it I told him “OMG I’m bleeding and I’m not on my period”
Have you ever regretted having sex with someone? If yes why?
Can’t sex be just like credit where it rolls off ya hoefax after 7 years lol.
Yes. I believe bad sex is a wasted experience and let’s say it was boring. He just lay there or stood there.
Never, not anyone I can think of.
Yes, I’ve regretted having sex with someone just because I wanted to do it and not because I should have done it. Ex. Having sex with a guy you’re not in love with but just horny around. I also regret it because my sex life as an adult is way better so it was a waste of time when I was younger.
Absolutely lol. I regretted it because 1) I was drunk af and 2) they was related to someone I knew.
Yes. I didn’t really want to. I just did it because he wouldn’t really take no for an answer. It was more so “here so you can shut up.” Left me feeling used and like trash.
Lots of dudes! I gave myself to a lot of dudes who did not deserve me and wanted to control me. They tried to use sex to get close to me in order to tear me down. I regret sex with most of the dudes I have had sex with.
Not after losing my virginity, I made it a point that any time after that first time would be on my terms with someone I trusted…we may not stay together but i would know your heart.
Yes, when the person they really are comes out and you realize you not about to let them waste anymore of your time.
I have because of the feelings that were involved and I no longer communicate with them.
Yes. I realized I was basically using sex to try and keep them around.
Yes, I have regretted having sex with someone because I did it out of boredom. After I got over the guilt of having sex which took a while, I had other sexual partners that I wish I wouldn’t have even let breathe the same air particles as me. I had sex with them because I knew I could. I wasn’t looking for love but it was something powerful about being able to manipulate men.
What age did you have a REAL orgasm with the help of a partner?
20 I didn’t know what the hell was going on all I know is it felt amazing and I wanted more.
20 years
I was in my twenties when I first squirted from what I can remember. I might have done it when I was younger and didn’t understand wtf just happened. I would say I had orgasms before but not squirting.
Um…16. Oral sex though not penetration.
18 from oral
I think it was around 23
I was around 19/20. My partner at that time was very in tune with me, my body and my wants and needs.
When did you feel confident enough to make the first move during sex?

Umm it took a while, but I think it was around 25 ish when I decided to make a move. It made me feel bold and more sexually confident in myself.

This is a tough one. I don’t know if of is a when. It was a who. There has been two people that I felt confident enough with to make the first move because they are really open minded and highly sexual.
When I was 22, I feel if it’s something you want you go for it. It is never wrong to initiate the first move especially if you’re both into each other. If I’m into my partner, I’m more confident, and make the move. Men mostly like to take charge. My partner always like it when I make the first move, he’s like he doesn’t know if I’m in the mood for it or not, and doesn’t want to spoil the atmosphere.
I felt confident early on. I’ve always been sexually confident… atleast once I figured out what I was doing. So mid-late teens is when I didn’t have too many inhibitions about sex in general.
Since I’ve been active. I’ve never felt afraid to make the first move.
Nope lol
Probably after or around 25. I knew if I wanted it I could have it so I went for it.
The first time with my husband 😩 so 28
My fourth partner.
When I was with my now husband
I’m naturally very flirtatious so I make the first move when I’m “feeling myself”
Let’s talk body count, men have this thing with asking women about previous partner’s is it important to you to know your partner’s body count? Also do you feel like you should disclose yours?
It’s not important to me the past is the past leave that shit where it’s at. No I’m not disclosing mine it’s not your business and if you are asking about my past sex partners we are not moving forward cause why is that any of your business?
I don’t need to know his body count. I need to know if he has something. So we doing a blood test. But I never feel compelled to ask my partner how many people you have slept with. I think it is immature. That doesn’t impact the relationship. People have their past. I don’t think I need to telly partner that. And I maybe had one partner to ask me that.
Not necessarily, some experiences are best left unsaid, and move on. The number doesn’t define how much you like or love the person. While some would be judgmental about it, it is best left untold.
I don’t care about body count as much as I care about “when was the last time you were tested?” I care if you have unhealthy soul ties or have lingering feelings about someone you slept with before but not the number. And no I don’t feel like I should disclose mine. As long as I’ve been tested and am healthy and don’t hold on to past feelings then we’re good.
Unless the guy I’m with hasn’t slept with anyone I know I really don’t care about his body count. I don’t mind disclosing my body count but I think it’s weird to ask.
I don’t want to know. Most of the time is way over mine and I start to feel like I’m just a number. I don’t like disclosing mine out of fear of being judged.
No and no. Who cares? I don’t even know anymore. It is not relevant for anyone.
No I feel anything before me was just that. If asked I’ll oblige.
I don’t care about my partner’s body count as long as they have lead a safe life. I do not feel like I should have to but if asked I’d admit to it.
Its not that important but I would want to know if you dealt with any STD’S.
I don’t want to know about my partner’s body count. I want to know if you were safe and smart for health reasons, but I don’t care. I’m not disclosing mine because I don’t really think it matters.
It’s not important for me to know my partners body count. I don’t feel like I should disclose mine but if it’s something important to my partner then I will. I used to be shamed about my body count but I had to come to terms with there is nothing I’ve done willingly that I should be ashamed of.
Are you verbal when you have sexual encounters? If yes why? If no why? 
I have became more verbal starting in my later 20s and now if you can’t do it my way then you’re not willing to learn me sexually.
Now I am. As I said before a bad sexual experience is just an utter waste. I am not a teacher so I am not going to talk you through the process but if you are doing something that doesn’t work I am going to say it or indicate in some way what I prefer. As well as I am going to listen to ensure that this is mutually beneficial.
Not always, to my friends yes, and to partner no. In order to have a solid relationship, somethings are better left unsaid.
Yes I am verbal. I don’t know how anyone can be silent. Especially when you’re having multiple orgasms or if your body is hella sensitive. I encourage people to be verbal during sex. Say what you want and praise someone when they’re doing it right.
No. No reason. I’ve just never willing verbalized my encounters.
It depends on the person. I can be if I trust you and we’ve been intimate before. At that point in comfortable.
Sometimes… depends on how well they are doing. I will give instructions but if it isn’t followed I will make it known to stop lol
I am now, but was not always it took a lot of time and self love to get to that point where i felt comfortable even moaning
Yes, either because it is fun and you’re partner also gets to know what you like and don’t. Vice versa also applies.
Only if you are not pleasing me or it doesn’t feel good
Yes, it just feels natural.
Yes, I’m verbal because I want to please the other person and they should also please me. After having great sexual experiences I refuse to not enjoy sex.
Alright this concludes part one of my sexual freedom series. Answer the questions below, what were your first experiences like? I did answer the questions, but as I said all answers are anonymous. See ya’ll next week for part two!


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  1. It is a relief knowing im not the only one what had a first bad experience and the age i was. On top of the orgasm happening later. 💚

  2. I think in the next one, you should ask women
    • how active they are in the bedroom (how much actual physical effort they put into fucking) men always talk about how lazy women are as well
    • Anonymous REAL number body counts & how they feel about that number & what it means to them
    • MMF 3 some fantasies
    • Why we as women watch so much lesbian porn, gay (male on male) porn, tranny porn but are never vocal about it…
    •What Penis size actually means to us women & how that may or may not align with what men think about their penises
    (Just a few)

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