Don’t Stress Yourself Out Sis…

So one of my IG followers posted that she wasn’t trying to be stressed about her job. So I sent her an encouraging message just telling her to take it slow. It was so crazy because I was literally typing up this blog post about stress in the workplace.

One of the most important things you can do to not hate your job less is try not to get stressed or overwhelmed. I have literally been working since I was about 14 years old my first job was working at a waitress at a wedding reception hall getting paid under the table. I absolutely hated that job cause I didn’t really like interacting with people and I had to all the time 🤣. FYI this post is a little longer, but y’all will enjoy it I promise.

Anyway as I got to become 16 I started at my forever favorite store Target (pronounced Tarjae’) in Northland.

I loved that job, but I was only hired for holiday position. It was a benefit cause that’s where I rediscovered a love for working in customer service. I was a only hired for a seasonal position but I loved it.

As I got older I moved on to different positions but most of them I absolutely HATED

I had jobs where they only cared about the quality of your work, shit I even worked in a plant for about 15 minutes 🤣. Fast forward to about 2013 I think it was. I started working for the City of Detroit Police Department. It was a whole different world and it was around the start of all the police issues in which we are not gone get into. I enjoyed that job but it wasn’t for me. My anxiety was at an all-time high and I’m not gonna even talk about the stress level I had working that job.

Anyway fast forward to 2018, I started a new position in an outsourced company for DTE. The job was cool for about a month after that I was over it.

Management was trash and didn’t communicate stuff, my TL was messy af I damn near cussed her out on my last day. On the day before my last day they brought me a cake and she was just rolling her eyes cause attention wasn’t on her. I honestly thought she was jealous of me cause all while she TRIED to make ya girl mad I was still smiling and being the dope ass chick that I am.

While at the job in a random day I had an anxiety attack (which I hadn’t had one in years). I even tried to move up in the company and my interviewer was my TL and she just so happened to be messy that particular day and tell my coworker she wasn’t going to pick me, but I had alllllllllll the experience. Even my interviews with the other people that said I did very well and was a top contender.  At that point, I knew I could take my talents elsewhere and be appreciated.

Today I’m at a job where I got promoted to a new position within being here for only 3 months and I’m overall just happy with the position. At times I found it to be stressful, but I took a moment to myself to recenter myself and I am good.

So with all that being said I wanted to give you guys a few tips to relieve stress & anxiety at work.

1. Use that vacation time sis. – What’s stopping you? Your friends keep saying they wanna take a trip when they get their taxes? Girl if you don’t take a random day off and go do something for yourself. I learned this the hard way. I just had to do it and next year I will be taking a trip out of Detroit with nobody. They say it’s fun to travel alone anyway.

2. Short Term Leave – If your job has gotten you to the point where you are stressed at an all-time high girl take yo ass to the doctor they can give you days off. ( if your job offers short term leave). A lot of good-paying jobs do offer leave, some with pay some without. You remember when you filled out all that paperwork when you first started? I’m pretty sure they had an option for you to sign up for short term leave. If not it’ll be time to renew your insurance soon so make sure you sign up!!!

3. Get away from your desk during your breaks– Sis that work ain’t going nowhere!!! Trust me that 15, 30, or 60-minute break come in handy. Take yo butt outside and get some fresh air of the weather allows. On each of my breaks I try to walk about the building if it’s a nice day, but y’all know Michigan weather for some reason is ALWAYS pms’n. No, but serious take those breaks that’s why they are for. They still gone take them out your check if so take that break sis!

4. Meditate – At my job before here I would come in early sit in my car and take a nap, but I did a deep sleep meditation 15-30 minutes. When I tell you that shit is the truth I mean it. You wake up feeling refreshed and like a new person. At my last position, I think I did it damn near every day 🤣. Like I had one of those jobs where you had to prepare yourself to go in. The people on the phone were crazy and the managers were as well.

Now I am not an expert at this adulting this I am still learning and struggling every day. Work somewhere you are at peace because trust me every single job has its workplace drama. If you tired of working get that check and work for yourself just don’t stress yourself out and walk away when you need too.

Now I am so sorry I haven’t been consistent, but a girl is trying. Let me give ya’ll a picture of a few things I have coming up.

Dash of Melanin Podcast, Purchasing my LLC, and so much more I can’t wait to tell you guys. I promise to be more consistent I love you guys for your support talk to you guys soon!!!!

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  1. I feel this so hard. And I’m trying to distress more. Some days harder then most. But I try. Your blogs are always spirit lifting. 💚

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