Thirty Two

So I am officially 32 and I am embracing the shit out of it.

This time about 2 years ago I was celebrating 30 and I was actually nervous about it so I wanted to come on here to celebrate being 32, but also to give you some lessons I have learned since being in my 30s for two years now.

My birthday weekend was super chill because I got food poisoning the day of my birthday. The day of my dinner was cancelled because I was low key dead af. I was looking forward to hanging out and celebrating. This summer will be a hot girl summer though lol. Anyway I’m here just to give you a few lessons I’ve learned being in my 30s hopefully you can learn something from them.

1. Let that shit go – I used to stay mad at somebody about pointless ass shit. Life is too short to hold a grudge for some shit you cannot control.

2. Live YOUR LIFE – At a time I needed to be here I needed to be there sit yo ass down you ain’t missing shit.

3. Take a vacation ALONE – I haven’t done it yet, but I plan on doing it, sometimes depending on people to go on that vacation with you doesn’t play how you want it to trust me. I’ve missed plenty of opportunities.

4. Everything doesn’t need to go on social media – I mean seriously I know people that post EVERYTHING, take a break to live in the moment. When you do that it’s an amazing feeling.

5. You probably should have lost a friend or two by now – Yeah, that shit hurts worst than a break up with your significant other. I’ve been through it, everything happens for a reason. You can’t dwell on it those people with me in your like for either a reason or a season. Whichever that reason is cherish those memories while you can. If you haven’t it’s not a good or bad thing. Just know it happens for a reason that person may only needed to be in your life for a season.

6. You will meet new friends – Yeah, you will meet other people it’s like starting over, but it happens for a reason. Since blogging I’ve met so many amazing women who I look up too. They push me to be better hell, I have a few things lined up just because of the motivation. I feel like the bond hits different when you’re older and it’s an understanding.

7. You want what you want and don’t change for nobody – Don’t let a mf try to change your mind about something you want. You want what you want and this is especially for dating. Now I have been single for 5 years and I am super comfortable with it and I embrace the shit out of it. Why? Because it’s not a fucking death sentence. One of the most important things you will learn while being single is you are the most important person, so many times we get lost in the sauce of please your mate. Even in motherhood. I have a teenager (she will be 13 on 9/8) I have more time to myself because she’s always gone somewhere.

8. Be your authentic self – It’s the best feeling in the world. I love it and I refuse to change for nobody. I’ve learned so many things I’ve laughed and cried, but you gone get this #BlackGirlMagic. Yeah, I changed, but it was because I wanted to become a better woman, be a better mom (which I am still working on) this is probably one of the hardest things because of my own insecurities, but god I am trying.

9. Smile just because – I’ve always been a more serious person at times and you can see it on my face all the time. Smile more it takes less muscle to smile versus frowning. Smiling more gives you the positivity you need.

10. Go to therapy – THISSSSSSSSSSS is probably the most important. To be honest, I haven’t been since I started my new job cause I haven’t found one within my network that I was interested in going, but I’ll find one soon. When I did go I let go of so much hurt and pain and it helped me grow into the person I am now. I’ve learned to express my emotions instead of holding them in which I have ALWAYS DONE

It wasn’t much, but I hope this advice helps someone be yourself and keep that big smile on your face.

Here’s something I’ve been working on behind the scene with 3 amazing ass women I am so inspired by:

I have so many events coming up and also I just wanted to formally announce myself and a few other bloggers are having an event called ” She Blogs: An Intro For The Blogging Entrepreneur” it’s out first event of many and tickets are available on Eventbrite (click the flyer for tickets)

I have a few more things coming up so be on the look out. I’ve been coming up with some many great things and new content. Announcement coming soon too. I am also looking for a guest blogger so if your interested hit the contact page and let me know!

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  1. I love your candid list and can relate with so many as I approach 31 in a few months. Some served as confirmations as well. Great piece

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