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So this week I am trying things differently this week. So previously as you know I had a mini-series called “Dope Woman of The Week” so I will be revamping it and this will be the first post. So I welcome you to Girl Talk with Phe, so let’s get into it.

So I wanted to start off with a story I will never forget. So Tiffany & I met at Quicken Loans back in 2013 I was switching teams and I stayed after work to finish moving my stuff. So as I am moving my I hear somebody say ” What color is your hair it’s cute!” Me being the anti-social person that I have always been just preparing and put on a fake smile and say ” Oh it’s turquoise” and I have been stuck with her ever since. No, but seriously you know how you meet people later in life and they are there for a reason? Well, she’s definitely one of those people. She’s an amazing friend, she’s motivating, fun, and just overall amazing and I love her to death. So let’s get into it.


Most know her as TSJ or SincerelyUrsTSJ to the social media world, Tiffany S. Johnson is a self-published author, blogger and mentor to teen girls with an obsession with all things pertaining to Christ, love, music, relationships and black cultural. You can find her giving self-love/care tips on the blog and highlights from the mentoring work she does on her Instagram/Facebook.

TSJ is the author of, Her Buried Secrets, a memoir about her life events and her relationship with Christ. (She wrote in 30 Days!!!)

As a mentor, she works with teenage girls between the ages of 12-17 years old at the Girls Destined For Greater mentor program. She helps provide them with the fundamentals of being a well-rounded teenager.

Tiffany’s different commentary on her previous podcast Melanin Queenz, old blog, business meetings, dinner-talks on relationships and current events will lead her to various speaking engagements, including panels. 

She currently lives in Metro-Detroit where she is writing her second book, “You’re Not Okay, And That’s OKAY! The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your Happiness”

Give me a brief description of your book

The book is a memoir of my life from birth to ago 32 it gives my trails and tribulations throughout my life and how I sought the Lord for guidance when I was at my lowest point in life. The story is a testimony its not just therapeutic for me, but to help somebody that is suffering from depression and feels that they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am giving them not only hope, but letting them see that you can start a new life as long as you put God first.

What made you decide you wanted to write a book?

I feel that everyone has a story to tell and we go through things in life to help others. Basically whatever problems you may go through it’s for someone else and not just yourself. I wanted to tell my story so that I could help someone. Whether it was to motivate them to write their story or just feel good about their situation.


What was your writing process for this book?

So at first, it was very hard for me to get this out because it’s one thing to be honest with yourself because that’s what this memoir is, it’s my truth. It was hard for me to be 100% honest and knowing that the world is gonna read this. So it took me about a good 3 months to stop backspacing a lot of things and just tell my truth with no shame, but I finished writing it in 30 days.

What was one of your favorite and least favorite chapters from the book?

My favorite chapter was chapter 8 Pregnancy, Flagstar and My ex and it was the hardest to talk about was the chapter because nobody knows that I had an abortion except close friends and my mom. So when people were reading the chapter this and two other things were shocking but this was definitely number one. Cause this ties in what was going on with what ties up with what’s going on now. This is my Scarlett letter I broke the chain of it being something I should be ashamed of. Instead of helping it build me to be the woman I am today.

When will you be releasing your next book?

My next book will be released on August 25, 2019. SPOILER ALERT The title of the book is You’re Not Okay and that’s okay. The Ultimate Guide to reinvent your happiness. The second book is digging a litter deeper into depression and anxiety. The tools that I have used and others have used to overcome in these moments and starting over at any age is always exciting.

Where can people purchase your book?

Her Buried Secret – Amazon

Books By TSJ

Will you be at any local events where people can meet you and talk about your book?

Saturday, June 22, 2019, @ Hilton Garden Inn

Indie author book festival

“My final words are, go after whatever your heart desires and keep God first in whatever decision you make in life. You will 100% succeed if you follow those steps in life. “



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