5 Ways to Help Cope With Anxiety

Well as you know I have been dealing with anxiety for quite some time, but I officially knew I had it in December 2017. I have found a lot of ways to manage it some days better than others. There are quite a few methods that I do and they really do help a lot and being that May is Mental Health Awareness month I thought I’d share some things that help me.

1. Laughing– I found that when I starting getting a feeling of being overwhelmed I panic, I start getting irritated and just get angry. So what I’ve done which sounds crazy especially if I’m having a conversation with someone and we are not agreeing I laugh. They say laughter is the next medicine. I remember when I was in a relationship (1 million years ago) we were arguing and I felt myself just getting pissed off so I’m starting at my ex and I just started laughing. He probably thought I was crazy, but it was a way for me to cope with my anxiety before I get pissed off. Anger with anxiety is a whole different conversation.

2. Meditation – So either The end of August or beginning of September I was at my old job. It was a normal day, my work schedule was 11-8 WHICH I HATED. So I went into work like normal and I started to feel overwhelmed and had an anxiety attack out of nowhere. I haven’t had one in years up until last year. I left work early went home and was just overwhelmed and had another attack. The next day before I could even go in pow had another attack. I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat I kept having them back to back. At that moment I felt weak I didn’t know what to do to calm my nerves. To be completely honest I smoked weed (shhh don’t tell anybody) it helped. After that, I slept like a baby and felt like a brand new person! I definitely suggest ” Guided Deep Sleep Meditation” it because with my anxiety it gets worse at night I play one of those YouTube videos and I am knocked out within 15 mins. Sometimes with anxiety, you get into your thoughts and it gets worse.

3. Figure out what triggers your anxiety – If you learn what your triggers are you can figure out how to avoid them. If it’s something you can’t avoid (work or even a person) you can always figure out what ways you can tolerate it in the environment you’re in. I figured out what triggered me when I got the anxiety attack and guess what? I got a new job just two months later.

4. Talk to someone– There are plenty of people you can talk too. Try a close friend, family member or even try to go to a therapist. You know one of the biggest stigmas in the black community if that a lot of black people do not believe in therapy. Unfortunately, a lot of black people do not go to therapy because of it. One of the hardest things ever is knowing that you don’t have a support system to help you release your feelings. Communication is key and just talking to a friend my help if you feel like you’re not comfortable with talking about your feelings.

5. Daily Affirmations– Positive thoughts=Positive Attitude tell yourself on the daily ” I’m Beautiful ” ” Today will be a good day and I will not stress out”. There are plenty of things you can tell yourself. Let’s say you have an upcoming job interview and your anxiety is kicking in just say ” I will have this job because I am qualified and I will ace this interview”. Whether you get the job or not you are getting in the mindset that you’re already an employee there and it beats your anxiety.

Look, I am not at all a professional when it comes to dealing with anxiety, but I want to tell you that YOU WILL OVERCOME IT. This advice may not help you it may help a friend, or a family member you know that deals with it. People deal and cope with their anxiety in all types of different ways some worse than others my questions for you. What are some ways you deal and cope with your anxiety (if you have it)? How did you feel when you find out that you had anxiety? Do you see a therapist? What’s some of the best advice you received from someone about anxiety? Let’s talk about it!


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  1. This is on point for me as I’ve just started daily meditations in the morning in order to cope with how anxious my workplace makes me. Great post — I’m following your blog and look forward to your updates.

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