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So this week we are talking to one of my new blogger friends! Brittany, I met her at a blogger meet up and we clicked instantly. She’s super sweet and her blog is dope! you can follow her (info down below). Anywho she’s coming out with a book soon so I thought I would interview her about it. So check it out down below!… So here is a little about Miss Brittany before we get started.

Her website: (make sure you subscribe!) Instagram: homieinheels

What is your release date for the book? The anticipated date is September 14th (may change)

Describe yourself in 5 words. Laidback, stubborn, creative, loving, and loyal 

If you were trying to describe this book to someone how would you describe it? It’s pretty heavy. I’ve had a few of my friends read it in order to provide me with feedback. They said it’s pretty intense and that you might need to bring tissue! Some of my most vulnerable moments are shared within the book. It’s an interesting read.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?I’ve always liked writing but becoming a writer was done by accident. I used to journal a lot as a way to release my feelings. I let my friends read my journal and they enjoyed the stories. They suggested that I start blogging and people started responding and reaching out about how they can relate to my situations. I enjoyed the feedback and being able to relate to people. 

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?I was surprised at the fact that I had the capacity to write a whole book! I spent a lot of time stressing about page counts, length, word count and content. It just surprised me that I had an entire book worth of stories within me.

What is your writing process right now? Write, cry, and repeat. I am at the point right now where I am editing my book for readability and flow. Currently I’m nitpicking at my content and I’ve been told to just move on.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a writer? I would say my best advice is to tell your story. Don’t try to anticipate what people can relate to or what you feel others want to read. Just tell your story and the right audience will find you. 

What is the name of your book? The Naked Homie

What is it about? It’s about my personal struggle with finding myself, battling depression and feelings of loneliness. It’s 14 chapters (so far lol) but the chapters themselves aren’t very long.

With writing about yourself do you just write or do you plan what you want to write?  I personally started with a giant poster board and I put everything that was in my head onto that board. All of my life lessons and memorable experiences I listed on there and it looked a mess once I was finished. I started grouping topics by color and then moved on to similar thoughts and stories and that’s how I developed the chapters. It was a mess initially and I had to sort through it because I wanted everything listed on that board to make it into the book somehow. When I was finally able to visually see it, I was able to move it around and get it organized.

Explain the process of your writing this book? I actually started with writing a totally different book and in the beginning stages of writing it, my hard drive crashed and lost everything. I got discouraged and my friends motivated me and told me that everything happens for a reason and maybe that wasn’t the book I was supposed to write. God gave me the idea for this book which is a lot better, but I have been working on this book for the past year. Now that I am seeing it in the final stages I’m pretty proud. I’ve shed a lot of tears and wanted to quit often but we are almost there!

Will be a launch party for your book? Yes, September is suicide awareness month so I chose that month because I talk about my experience with depression and suicidal thoughts within the book. So I wanted to coincide the release of the book with the month of awareness. I’ll also be participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s annual Out of the Darkness walk in September and I figured it’d be perfect to release the book that month as well.

Alright guys that was it! I am super excited about this book. My goal this year was to read more books and I know two people personally that have came out with a book or coming out soon with a book. See you guys soon!!!

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