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So I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine and she was saying she is tired. She’s a full time mom and the list goes on with her super powers and what she does on a day to day basis.

Mom’s are ALWAYS on the go from taking kids to school, cooking dinner, and taking kids places the list goes on. So I started typing this because I wanted to put some ideas together for mom’s to de-stress.

Here are some ways you can de-stress:

WINE!?! Cause why tf not?

Call your friends and just hang out

As moms a lot of the times we put ourselves on the back burner in order to make sure everything else is good. We must give yourself at least 2-3 times out of the month where it’s all about us. We tend to forget about us and it’s important not too. I’ve had moments when my baby was younger and I just broke down crying cause I was SO TIRED

Moms we gotta take time to ourselves I cannot stress that enough!! Shit, there is so much stuff a woman can do just to get away for a few moments it’s just important cause we need that shit! I’m not going to make a long list because it’s limitless

If your little human is younger take them to a babysitter, browse Groupon and get a 45-minute massage. I’m cheap I love coupons hell, go to the mall and do a little window shopping! Lock yourself in the room. Not too long ago I was getting off work and came home and my kid and nieces rush into my room and I had to yell GIVE ME 5 MINUTES.

I mean I had not even taken off my coat and they bombarded me with ” Ma” “Butter guess what”.

I didn’t take a vacation last year and I am feeling the effects of it. Now I am blessed with the family I have that my daughter can go to any one of their houses at any time. Even out of town family aka my dad!

I am going to repeat it a million times utilize me time. Go hide in the bathroom lol, go to the grocery store, go hang out with new friends, old friends, friend you’ve reconnected with, moms going through the same thing JUST DO IT

Moms what are some ways you destress? Ladies with no children any advice for a mom to relax and get me time? Comment down below

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