So I am sitting here vibing out to music after a good ol room cleaning. I starting to think ” Damn it’s about to be 2019″ so I thought I would write about what goals I want to accomplish for 2k19.

So I don’t know if I told you guy, but I recently started at a new job, and I love it. The benefits are AMAZING and as a woman over 30 that is super important for me especially with anxiety and endometriosis. The hours right now are from 8:30-4:30, in 6 months I have the option to work from home and a lot of other amazing benefits. 

Anywho I wanted to talk about goals and how to make sure you accomplish them. What are goals you ask? No, I am not talking about the Instagram picture with a happy couple that says #relationshipgoals. I am talking about things that you want to accomplish to maybe improve something in your life. Like beginning to write a business plan, apply for that LLC, graduate college, start a blog you know things like that. 

Over the past year, I have been bettering myself mentally one of my 2019 goals is that I want to better myself physically. So one of my goals is to eat more healthy I actually want to try the Keto Diet, I have heard so many good things about it and you can still eat bacon!?!?!? (lol) Have any of you tried it or is currently on the diet?

I would like to attend more local networking events for bloggers and women period.

Become more active with my blog post (4-5 times a month)

Maybe restart a YouTube page or a podcast for the topics I speak about on my blog. (This one I wanna sit down and think about because I want to do both eventually I just don’t know which one I’d like to start first)

Network with more local bloggers and just have fun! These are just a few of my goals what I would like to do is actually have a 2k19 Goals brunch. January I’ve come up with a cool idea that I hope I will be able to finish through lol. I will definitely give you guys detail once I have it down in writing. 

So folks what are some of your goals for 2k19? Do you have any at all? Are you adding to the ones that you currently have? Drop those comments & make sure you repost!!!

Just a heads up I will be posting more, my goal is to be super consistent with my blog, my IG page, and my Facebook page. 

If you have any suggestions or even just wanna say hello reach out to me withadashofmelanin@gmail.com

Thank you guys for your support I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! 

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