Whelp guess who is back and ready to kick blogging in the ass!!!!

Well as you’ve noticed I have been gone for a couple weeks and these is plenty of reasons why.

For starts let’s start with the good shit.


I start a new job on November 12th!!!!!!!!!!


When I tell you it has been a long journey it has been just that. At my current job (yes, I am writing this as I am at my old job) I’ve literally had anxiety attacks, and that’s it’s just not a good environment to keep myself in especially with my anxiety flaring up. It literally has been years since I had an attack. Any who the new job has better pay, benefits, and I am excited to see the environment. Of course I know it’s going to be drama because what’s a job without it.


Next I have been on a self-reflection journey evaluating myself, friendships, job (included), relationships, people I date and everything. When I tell you I have had an epiphany it was just like KA BOOM.


It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I am 31 years old if you don’t want me in your life stop wasting my fucking time pretending to want me to be around. I literally cut off a lot of people friends, people I thought was interested in dating me and so on.

It’s crazy that ever since I have hit that over 30 mark I started to reevaluated certain relationships and just ask myself what the hell was I thinking? Why am I giving this person opportunity after opportunity to continue to play me like a rag doll? Story time (it’ll be short I promise) Was talking to a guy getting to know in and I just felt a that he just wants to smash vibe so I told him “this isn’t going anywhere let’s not waste each other’s time.” Let’s end it here, so I removed him from all social media, deleted the text thread, and so on. I low key liked him, but my time is valuable and I will stab you if you waste it at this point. So about two weeks ago I get a random ass text message that says “Thursday?” I reply “Who is this?” the person simply replies “Sex on Thursday?” I knew it was him. I kindly replied “I haven’t spoken with you since September I told you what I was looking for I’m not having sex with you because I am more interested in getting to know you versus your penis. Please stop texting me.” Do you know how good that shit felt?


Most liberating shit I’ve so!!! I swear I am extremely content with me being single until I find someone looking for the things that I am looking for. Are you wondering what? Well just to name some things; don’t waste my time, confident, intelligent, looking to build just to name a few of the things. And no I am now lowering my standards for anybody. I SAID WHAT I SAID


and that’s the end of it. If you are not bringing nothing to the table, go find another table to sit at.


Ladies if it is one thing I’ve learned about self-reflection it is the importance of the people in your life. I have gotten so much closer to my best friend and I already thought we were closer, but I didn’t believe we could be even closer.


When I tell you that she was meant to be my best friend God knew what he was doing when he let us meet. Friendships are just as important as relationships and yes they can be taken to different levels. Your friends are who you tell things to, have fun with, shit grow old and be cat ladies with if ya’ll ain’t got a man (lol). At 31 I can say that I value my friendship more than ever and sometimes we don’t realize how important those things are, but when you do it’s amazing. We may not talk every day, text every day, but I know if I send her a message like I need you she will be right there. I love all my friends and no I don’t need to talk to them daily because we all are busy with work, school, children, or living life. As long as I send a text, reply to a insta story, reply to a snap, or a Facebook comment I know my friends are good. I love you all ladies!!!!!


Alright guys so yes, I am back my schedule with now give me the time I need to blog the hell on!!! I have some good content coming and I am excited for you all to read, comment, and tell your friends to subscribe.

Next week I am going to be talking about my goals for the last month of 2018 and my goals for 2019. It’s some sweet stuff coming I love you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking it out with me.

And as the great Jerry Springer says “ Take care of yourself and each other” lol


Let’s not forget GO VOTE!!!!


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  1. Welcome back love! Congratulations on the new job (woo hoo)!! I had to do so self evaluating myself. Circle got a little small, lol oh well. Can’t wait to see what new content you bring next <3

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