Fall/Winter Skin Care

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been super busy with work!!!!! I was missing you guys though!!! They offered some OT and Christmas is coming and I have a 12-year-old.


As you know we are approaching the season where skin care if most important. The fall and Winter, in my opinion, these two seasons is the most important time to take care of your skin. I am really big on skin care so I am always trying different skin care products to see which product my skin likes. I am always trying to get my sister, my daughter, or my oldest niece to try a face mask, moisturizer, facial wash or something because in my 30’s skin care is really important (in my opinion). My sister & daughter HATE when I try to get them to try a product, but to me it’s important they’ll learn one day.

I just wanted to go over my current daily, weekly, and monthly skincare routine. Yes, there are products I use weekly, daily, and monthly because that’s how important it is lol (don’t judge me ya’ll).

Okay so for my daily routine I recently went on a shopping trip to Sephora which I only have done when shopping with my best friend. Shoutout to her because I started using my Sephora card and I am getting points for free gifts.

Daily Skin Care Routine:

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Cleanser  $11.00 – $55.00


So this is my daily routine when I wake up in the morning, and when I got to bed at night to wash off any makeup that I have worn during the day.  I love this stuff! When I first tried it out I had a few small breakouts, but when I used it consistently twice a day they cleared up and I am happy with the results. My skin is clear and bright and I think I will continue to use this throughout the fall and winter. Also, a lot of people use this with a spin brush (which I need another one).

Philosophy – Purity Made Simple Ultra-light Moisturizer $5.00 – $25.00


This just matches the daily moisturizer and I love the smell of it. Although the daily cleanser leaves you a little bit dry this product helps a lot with bringing the moisture back to your skin. It gives you that natural glow and it smells amazing.

So I went with the cheaper version of this because facial cleaning brushes can get super expensive. I have personal experience with this one. This one is much less expensive than the high-end facial cleanser brushes and it does the same exact thing!

ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing System  $34.99


Now I have my few favorite mask, I love doing mask they give me that glow and they make my face feel super refreshing.

Yes to Tomatoes – Detoxifying Charcoal Face Mask 2 for $5 at Target $2.99 on the website here are the ones that I use the most.




These are literally the ONLY products I use on my skin. When you have a routine for your skin you keep it because you never know! What are some of your favorite skin care products you use or have used before that didn’t just work out. Comment in the section below!

So guys, I promise I will do better I have been super busy with work so I need to rearrange my time for posting up my blogs. I will be back soon with some good excited news & of course the blogs that you love.





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