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So for this week I got the opportunity to interview another one of my good friends. When I tell you I have a lot of friends and associates that are doing the damn thang! I am so extremely proud of these beautiful ladies.

F IT Up YA’LL!!!


Since I been going through life I thought I’d give you all another Dope Woman of the Week. So this week I was able to speak with my good friend Eonica, who is the owner of Onie Organics (natural hair products), and she is the #girlboss a.k.a. the founder of the Detroit Natural Hair event which is happening in August 11th (see previous post).

Onie Logo

About Onie Organics

We are a luxury hair care line. We use natural and organic ingredients in all of our our products. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service at all times. Our products were created with the entire family in mind.

About Eonica


Onie is a 30 year old CEO from Detroit, Michigan. She is a single mother of twin daughters, Logan and Laiyah.  While working in corporate america for over 8 yrs she decided to follow her dreams as a business owner. 

 In just shy of 2 years Onie has manage to take the hair and beauty industry by storm. She is the founder of Onie Organics. A family owned luxury hair care product line. She has created 7 of her own formulas right from her kitchen, Her Formulations were made to promote healthy growing hair by using nothing but top of the line ingredients that have been proven to work.

 She is also the founder of the Detroit Natural Hair expo,  the largest natural hair expo in the Midwest that is held in Detroit. The event brought in over 1500 attendees from all over the USA in 2017. She is the Co-Founder of Revolutionary Women Inc a organization that mentors, inspires, empowers and teaches other young women to also become CEO’s.    She is passionate about helping others, her family, mentoring and giving back to her community. 


So let’s get into it!

What products do Onie Organics offer?

We have Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in, Styling gel, hydrating mist, growth oil, edge control. I recent launched a men’s line I have Beard balm and Beard Oil.

Onie 4

What makes you passionate about Onie Organics?

 I grew up with awkward unhealthy hair my entire child hood. It was unhealthy and it wouldn’t grow. When I became a mom I knew I wanted to make sure I did whatever it took to make sure they had healthy hair. I also did a big chop a few times over the last 5 yrs.  I was able to achieve healthy long hair before recently cutting it again. I just people to know black girls can have long beautiful hair too.

What are some goals you have for Onie Organics for the remainder of 2018?

My goal is to really just get my brand in more hands, Start interacting with more individuals,  Creating a YouTube channel, And just letting people know that my brand is bomb!

Onie 3

What is the price range for your products? 


Where can people purchase Onie Organics? , Beauty Plus in Southfield, MI, Ecodermis & Wolfberry in Brooklyn, NY, and Soulfully Scented in Las Vegas, NV

Onie 2

How long have you been in business? 

I started my business 2 years ago under a different name. Recently relaunching under the name I have now February 2018.

What’s your social media information?

@oniorganics on FB and IG

What advice could you give a young woman trying to start her own business and get her name out there?

Never let anyone tell you that you cant! Because you can and you will. Do you research, take a leap of faith, get uncomfortable. Most importantly put your blood sweat and tears in to whatever you put your name on.

Alright ladies when I tell you she puts in the work she does I am super proud and excited for her to be my Dope Woman of the Week. Make sure you check her out, I love her work ethic and the passion she has for this. She always has a long time supporter over here!

Coming soon I have a special surprise for you all I am doing a giveaway with items from my dope women of the week and as well as a few other goodies. Be sure to look out for the information via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I’m out!


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