Hey guys, So I decided to talk about this because a lot of women aren't aware of what it is and also some don't even know they have it. Also because I recently went to the doctor   *this is a lengthy blog post* Now I have had my period since I was 14 years old [...]


Dash of Melanin’s First Giveaway!

Hey ya'll Friday is amongst us!!!!!!!! So this week I thought I would make an official announcement about my first give away full of amazing goodies! This will be my first ever giveaway the contest will start on Monday, August 13th the winner will be announced Monday, August 27th. Here is just a few things [...]

The Struggle is Real

So all my life I have been shy, and this year I decided to attempt to come out of that shell. For many reasons, I wanted to begin to crack that shell open. Reason 1 I am a blogger and to get my name out there, I need to talk to people and communicate.  On [...]

Dope Woman of the Week…

Dope Woman of the Week…

Hey guys, So for this week I got the opportunity to interview another one of my good friends. When I tell you I have a lot of friends and associates that are doing the damn thang! I am so extremely proud of these beautiful ladies. F IT Up YA'LL!!! Since I been going through life [...]