I got some exciting news!


Well, I am back,
So the past two weeks have been SUPER CRAZY for me. My car went down because it needed a tune-up got that fixed and POW a guy hit me because he wasn’t paying attention. When I tell you guys, I was PISSED I couldn’t even talk to the man because I probably would have fought him.

I am thankful because I wasn’t injured and the damage was not that bad. Now, this week I am on to better things and all positive energy and of course getting my car fixed. I just wanted to let you guys know because I got to keep you in the loop of everything.

This week I wanted to talk about an upcoming event I will be attending the 2nd Detroit Natural Hair Expo.

Expo Flyer.jpg

A good friend of mine Eonica we’ve been friends for yearrrrsssss is the #girlboss of the event. When I tell ya’ll I am super proud of this women I mean it okkuuurrrttt?

You can purchase your tickets if you are interested in going right here: https://www.detroitnaturalhairexpo.com/

Also if I didn’t share I will be part of the blog panel they are having!!!


When I tell you I am excited and extremely blessed for the opportunity!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

Also this week I was excited to finally reveal my logo for my blog.


I looked and looked for something that I would love, and I saw this and instantly feel for it. This past month has been somewhat stressful, but I overcame all of the challenges, and I am just blessed.


So coming within the next few days I have an announcement about a giveaway, and a new Dope Women of the Week.


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