Hey guys sorry for the late post it has been a BUSY week transferring everything from my previous hosting service to my new one. It is official this is the launch of http://www.dashofmelanin.com !!! * crowd going apeshit* lol I have been listening to that album since it came out sorry. So I have a giveaway coming(next month) and a new logo coming!

Well, this week was supposed to be last week’s post, so I thought I’d be posting two since I missed the week of my birthday.


This week we are talking about oral sex. I got opinions from friends male & female, and Instagram comments.

People call it dome, facetime, head, sloppy toppy, braid, and the list goes on. We need to talk about it because a lot of men/women slack in the department. Shout-out to those who do it well and know how to satisfy their partners. So I decided to text a few of my friend’s male & female and ask what do they hate the most about it when receiving it from their partners. So here is what people came up with (and the women comments are hilarious cause it’s about 99.9% true)


So I texted everybody and asked them “What is your biggest complaint about me while getting head.” These are the ladies answers.

“My biggest complaint is them being too rough. Like homeboy, it’s not bubblegum you don’t chew it!”


“I hate it when a person doesn’t commit to it fully. It’s not a porno… put your face it in and get intimate. I don’t like that half ass lick from afar and open my lips open… no spread them lips and put your face in it and massage my clit.”


“I hate when they keep switching up the lick. Lick that spot semi-hard at the tip of my clit and don’t do soft kisses. Yep”

“I hate when they don’t enjoy it. They just doing it cuz they think you want them to. Ugh! Get up so I can call a real one!”


For women, sexual wise an essential part is the buildup to sex. Women don’t just get aroused by 3 minutes of you spitting down there. Start from the neck and go down from there. Most women have sensitive areas are their necks, nipples, and inner thighs. Whisper in her ear, nibble on her ear, kiss the small of her back. You have to build her up.

So ladies this is what they complain about the most.



“Not sloppy enough”

“I could on on, but my main gripe is all that petty just the head thing women do. It’s hard to explain because helmet play is cool. But some bitches can’t give head only sucking the tip. Irritating as fuck.”


So what’s your biggest dislikes? What do you complain about the most, but still it happens? Comment down below in the comment section.

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  1. Something that is really annoying is that my boyfriend will look at me and ask me if I’m ready – when he’s already got a hard-on….like no I’m not ready lol I need romance!

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