I got some exciting news!

Well, I am back, So the past two weeks have been SUPER CRAZY for me. My car went down because it needed a tune-up got that fixed and POW a guy hit me because he wasn’t paying attention. When I tell you guys, I was PISSED I couldn’t even talk to the man because I … Continue reading I got some exciting news!


Hey guys sorry for the late post it has been a BUSY week transferring everything from my previous hosting service to my new one. It is official this is the launch of http://www.dashofmelanin.com !!! * crowd going apeshit* lol I have been listening to that album since it came out sorry. So I have a … Continue reading FaceTime…

Mental Health

So I thought we could talk about a more serious subject. Mental health, especially with the two most recent losses Kate Spade & Anthony Bourdain. Mental health is not something we talk about in the black community a lot, and I think we should because it is honestly a matter of life or death sometimes. Yesterday, … Continue reading Mental Health

My Favorites

So this week I decided to do something a little different. I want to let ya'll know some of my favorite makeup products, hair products, nail polishes, and the list goes on. So this week it will be my just 3 of favorite clothing stores. So if you don't know, I am what the world … Continue reading My Favorites