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So this week guys we are doing something special, as you know I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that I will be doing something called Dope Woman/Women of the Month. Just to give you a background when I envisioned this blog I wanted it to be about everything my life, my opinions, supporting women, and so many other things. So I thought about something I can do to support women and the amazing things we do. So I came up with a specific section to highlight these women. It’s a tab up top called Black Girl Magic.
I think it is important for women to support each other so this section will be updated weekly instead of monthly. I will be featured women from non-profits, bloggers, entrepreneurs, single moms, and the list goes one.
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This week I will be featuring an up and coming non-profit organization start by Tylene Blue & Demitria Robinson called Optimistic Girl.  Optimistic Girl is a movement that is centered on inspiring, growing and helping women and young adults. An optimistic girl always takes a positive look at life and all its dealings. A happy life is not a life that is void of pain, but one where the owner turns negatives into positives daily.
Let’s start off with Tylene
Tylene E. Blue is a mother one talented, smart, and adorable little girl, wife, coach, and mentor. She is smart, talented, extremely organized, and superbly witty. Her husband loves her, her daughter adores her, and her friends cannot get enough of her EP ways. To know her is to love her. Loyalty is a quality only a few possess and she takes the number one spot every time. In her professional life, she is a Talent Development and Performance Management Specialist with the City of Detroit. She holds a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from Wayne State University and a Master of Science in public administration from Central Michigan University. She is a part of the BEST sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and coaches for the Detroit PAL Eastside Raiders.
Between being a wife and mother, Tylene has some very special, interesting, indulging, and relateable Real-life stories to keep you coming back to read more each week. Her life’s motto is live to the fullest, you never know when it will end. Nothing makes her aspire to be better and happier in life than having a daughter that looks to her for guidance.

Then there’s Demitria

Demitria D. Robinson, a 28-year-old graduate student, and aspiring financial analyst has a degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies from Grand Valley State University. She finds extraordinary joy in giving to others whether in time, talent, or donations. She is known to send positive vibes, leave lots of love and smiles wherever she goes and in whatever she does.

Demitria spends her time, when not working, in class, or doing homework, volunteering for Detroit PAL Eastside Raiders cheer team. She is the head coach of the 5 to 8-year-olds (affectionately known as Flag and D- teams). She is a part of the Finest Greek letter organization in all the world, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, where is very active in the youth auxiliary group for high school age young ladies focused on bettering their current and future self’s and communities, as well as other committees and group activities.

1.    So what made you both decide to start Optimistic girl?

Tylene: When we realized that it was a lot of negativity in our circle. Normally Demitria & I are the positive thinkers and we wanted to go back to that path. We also realized we do a lot of dope stuff that people don’t know about.

Demitiria: So Tylene asked to start thing amongst the other things we do. So we came up with the name from 5 names which were a mess. The last name she sent me was Optimistic Girl and this is what we decided on. We are going to talk about different real life experiences, but no matter what the articles are about we will look at the bright side of the situation. Just to share positivity even in a bad situation because we don’t have a lot of people doing that.

2.    How can someone get more information if they want to help or join Optimistic Girl?

Email us at, connect with us on Social Media: Instragram: the__optimisiticgirl (two underscores) or Facebook: Optimistic Girl. When e-mailing us please provide your name, contact information for us to reach you.

3.    What services will you provide for Optimistic Girl?

Tylene: Weekly blog posts and T-shirts relating to the blog. We will name our shirts after our articles for that month. Some of the blog posts and t-shirt sayings are: Petty 101- corresponding shirt “Petty Since Birth”, Weight Loss Journey – corresponding shirt  “GoalWeight: Sexy as F**K”, Faith over Fear, Positive Vibes, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, and Demitria’s favorite #YouTriedIt to name a few.

Demitria: We will also have a therapist corner. If our readers/subscribers need advice on an issue they are having, we have a licensed therapist on our team that can assist. In the future, we plan to incorporate a mentoring program and workshop series for girls.

4.    What makes you passionate about Optimistic Girl?

Tylene: Optimistic Girl is my baby. In Today’s society we need more positivity because every time we turn on the news it’s something negative. We want Optimistic Girl to be a platform where people can tell and share their stories. Also, we want people to be able to learn and grow from our stories. I just want to sprinkle some positivity in our daily lives. Not only do I want to spread positivity, I want young adults and children to know that they have positive role models that they can look up to. Our youth needs us more than ever.

Demitria: So I just I love to see people doing better or being happy, people who are in love, people who are married, people who are graduating. Anybody doing anything positive and I love participating and mentoring little girls and it is my passion. So to show them integrity, ambition, just to give them a positive role model as women who probably missed that portion of life. I feel it is our platform to inspire more than just the kids we touch on a daily basis. I won’t say I give pretty good advice, but I will say I can be understanding. To try to get people living a little bit differently. Look at the glass half full versus half empty. It’s not being naive I am just having a different mindset of things that have happened to me and I will have a different reaction to it.

5.    How will Optimistic Girl help local girls?

Demitria: Eventually we want to have a mentorship program for local girls, as well as grown women. Where we can come together tell stories, swap positive feedback because we don’t do that enough.

6.    What do you think in your opinion makes Optimistic Girl unique?

Tylene: I would say our stories and experiences, they are real and unique. Umm, and I feel like everybody can relate to them.

Demitria: Again, just being able to give a positive outlook on a situation. Even if you see a positive story you always see the negative part. Not all the time we don’t wanna hear I was more, but again everybody’s story is different. Not all our stories are similar, but we want to look at the great parts, we choose to focus on the good parts.

7.    What are some goals you want Optimistic Girl to achieve?

Tylene: We want to become the platform that people come to that gives people a sprinkle of hope and inspiration. We want our message to influence and inspire others. We hope that our stories influence others to join the movement.

Demitra: For growth, we would like to get guest authors or people send real-life stories and we give them advice on it. Just increase awareness that there are volunteer opportunities for young girls to become positive role models in someone’s life we want to make mentor awareness that people know about it. Get Optimistic Girl out there as who we are and what we do and let it be an inspiration to other people.

8.    When is your website launching?

Tylene: The website is tentatively scheduled to go live early June, but the latest August 2018.  We’re perfectionist, so bare with us. In the meantime, we will be posting on our social media pages to get conversations going about topics we will be writing about. So follow us and join the conversation.

9.    What are some ways people can get more information about Optimistic girl?

Follow us on Instragram at the__optimisticgirl (2 underscores)

Follow us on Facebook search Optimistic Girl

I just want to thank the ladies of Optimistic Girl for taking time out of their busy schedules and become the first Dope Women of the week. I think it is important for ladies to support each other and I know I would get the same support from them. Make sure ya’ll follow all of their social media. I will be tagging their pages on my Instagram and Facebook Post. This concludes my first DWW I will talk to ya’ll soon.

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