Dope Woman of the Week…Emerge Bath Company

Hey guys, So as you know, I have been doing a super exciting feature called Dope Women of the Week. This week I had a new interview with one of my closest friend’s Alyssia and her up and coming company Emerge Bath Company.   Now recently she provided me with a small sample of her … Continue reading Dope Woman of the Week…Emerge Bath Company

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all. What does Mother's Day mean to you? Well, let's go back to when mom first started being celebrated as a holiday. Back in 1914 President at the time, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating that Mother's day would be the second Sunday in May. Mother's Day was actually started up … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Dope Women of the Week

So this week guys we are doing something special, as you know I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that I will be doing something called Dope Woman/Women of the Month. Just to give you a background when I envisioned this blog I wanted it to be about everything my life, my opinions, supporting women, … Continue reading Dope Women of the Week