Hi Rihanna…


Have you guys heard? She’s coming out with a lingerie line and from what I’ve seen, because yes I’ve signed myself up for the email alerts the highest size she goes to is a 44DD in Bras and 3x in panties.


​​Recently Rhi Rhi has been changing the game with her Fenty Beauty make-up line with 40 different shades. This changed the game because so many other companies darkest shade was my complexion. When women with more melanin had to go to the more expensive brands to purchase their make-up. Now you go to stores that sell make-up there are unlimited colors for different shades of women of all color.
My question is will her lingerie brand be a change in the lingerie industry. Will we see more brands with more sizes that go up to 3x or 44dd or higher? Women with larger breast don’t have a lot of places they can shop for a “sexy” bra. I know cause I wear a 42 DD and I go to Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart’s which both are SUPER EXPENSIVE
This is the preview we got to her new line. I am extremely excited to see what’s to come from there line. As well as her prices to see how much her items will be. I will be posting more soon sorry I haven’t been giving you guys so much content I started a new job so I’ve been training and working Monday-Saturday which I don’t know. next week’s post will be early I have my first interview coming soon.

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