I’m late I know…

Hey ya’ll, so yeah I am late, but I am glad I decided to wait so I can talk the Queen herself.


 Now as you know she was supposed to perform last year, but she ended up pregnant with them little babies. I would like to say it was well worth the extra 365 days. So Coachella turned black AF yesterday so let’s talk about it here are some of my favorite pictures down below.


I am just trying to find out how to become a member of Beyta Delta Kappa, like because I am part of the BeyHive do I automatically become a member? These are questions I need answers to. So let’s start off from the very beginning.

When Beyonce prepared for this performance she said ” I’ll show you bitches how to come back from maternity leave.” Mind you it was 2:15 a.m. I stayed up past my bed time to make sure I didn’t miss this. This woman puts one a show and she IS one of the best in our generation.

She sang Lift every voice, she swag surfed, she had a HBCU band the whole 9 yards, she changed 5 times, Destiny’s Child performed, Jay-z performed (for 30 seconds). If this isn’t how you tell people you are back I don’t know what should be. Also, just to remind ya’ll she did this without a new album out.


Whypepo were looking looking confused. When she start singing lift every voice and sing.


Now today I’ve seen so many people hate on her performance, but who gives a fuck about their opinion.


So that was just my rant lol next week I have a interview with an up and coming business owner so be on the look out for that. I have a few segments comping up see you guys next week.


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