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Hey guys,

I am officially back in full force. As you can see the whole blog is now revamped, and even the title has changed as well. I decided to change the name because I want to do more than just this blog, so I wanted something that would stick with me for the long run. So I suck at making names so when I came up with ” A Dash of Melanin” I was extremely excited.

Now that my blog is where I want it to be I will have weekly post sometimes more. Also be on the lookout for a giveaway. The winner will receive a bag full of goodies. The giveaway will run for about one week or so details will be in an upcoming blog post.

The past few months I have been adjusting myself and just getting my shit together. Currently looking for a new job, going to interviews, applying for jobs in that order. Stressful right? Yeah I know I am genuinely not used to being jobless, but it has been with a benefit to getting the opportunity to redesign my blog and give you guys dope content.

Last week I applied for a Boot camp with Spotify called Spotify’s Sound Up Boot camp. This boot camp is for women of color who want to kick start their podcast careers. Now, most of you should know I started a podcast last year and recently I had been thinking of starting it back up. The app. came at the right time, and I appreciate my friend for sending me the link to apply. So I applied, and I was NERVOUS filling out the application, but I put my heart and soul into the app and hopefully I will get chosen.

Pray for me ya’ll!!!!!!


Eventually I would like to have my podcast and blog connected. Within the next few weeks now that I am back you will be hearing about a giveaway, special guest interviews and so much more so please be sure subscribe to my blog guys.
Thank you SOOOO much for the support and love!


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